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Brokers and agents who want to promote their listings on several high-end real estate websites have a new option —

Currently partnered with the Wall Street Journal, the New York Times and the Boston Globe, automatically syndicates subscribers’ listings to its partner sites, directly from their multiple listing service (MLS) feeds.

Instead of having to manually upload listings and establish a billing relationship with each site, subscribers pay a flat monthly fee to, which taps into the subscriber’s MLS feed and automatically pulls data on pricey homes and sends it on to the selected partner sites.

The service, which costs agents $149 per month to distribute an unlimited number of listings to the three sites, is planning to announce two more high-end distribution partners soon, said founder and owner Jeremiah Poljacik.

Jeremiah Poljacik

The service is available to brokers, too, who can pay $649 per month to syndicate an unlimited number of listings from an unlimited number of agents. is a cheaper, simpler option for agents who want to advertise their listings on the firm’s partner sites, Poljacik said. By negotiating bulk contracts, the syndication platform offers agents access to these sites at a discounted rate, especially if they have lots of listings they want to place.

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