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My self-diagnosed, borderline OCD loves every single thing about Evernote. I use it every day in both my work and personal life. So, earlier this week, when I received this little email from the crew at Evernote, excitement doesn’t even begin to express how I feel. Over a hundred new features? I’m in!

Evernote 5 Coming Soon

What’s new?
The design nerd in me loves the redesigned interface and new left panel. If you’re a paperless agent and use Evernote to organize all of your clients and paperwork, the added shortcuts and advancements in viewing both your own and shared notebooks together should make streamlining even more efficient.

TypeAhead search is new as well. It will give you suggestions as you’re typing and also pull up your most recent and saved searches for easy access. They’ve also integrated Mountain Lion’s notification center.

For those of you who use Evernote Food and Hello, those are being integrated as well in their new Atlas feature allowing you to visually see your notes and remember where you were when you took them!

Just getting started with Evernote? No problem. These are a must!

1. Download the web clipper for your browser.
Whatever browser you use (even IE, I’m not here to judge) download this extension. Any website you’re visiting you’re able to clip with just one click. It automatically saves it to your notebooks in your Evernote account.

2. Evernote is everywhere.
Since you’re able to access your Evernote account anywhere, download the app for your mobile devices too! Although the latest updates will be for Mac, Evernote works on Android, Blackberry and Windows devices as well.

3. Go paperless!
It’s scary, I know. Just take baby steps and work your way through it. Evernote has many uses, so start at your own pace and grow with it. Some basic starter ideas:

  • Personal productivity: Type notes during meetings, keep personal and private checklists, save web clippings, photos, files and more.
  • Transaction Management: Keep client’s records, inspection reports, emails, signed documents during and after the transaction. You have the option to share with your clients and keep them in the loop at all times.
  • Checklists and action plans: From listing coordination and seller action plans, closing checklists, and even marketing plans, staying organized and having your information at a glance is key to systemizing your entire business.
  • Share notebooks with clients and team members: Do you manage a team? Have buyer’s agents? An escrow coordinator? Set up notebooks just to share with them, and have them do the same. Embracing the digital lifestyle works great for teams too!
  • Syncs across all your devices so you have everything available: As a mobile professional the ease of having everything sync together is a must. Upgrade to the pro account and you have access even if you’re offline.
Already using Evernote? How do you use Evernote to help keep you organized? Let us know and we’ll share them on Twitter!

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