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Pie chart showing how energy is used in an averge home with four family members.

There Are Many Ways You Depend On Electricity

As your electric supplier, we’ve developed this brochure to help you determine your electric usage. We hope this will help you use your electricity as efficiently as possible.

This graph shows how energy is used in an average home with four family members. Your use may vary depending on your lifestyle, the size of your family and the size, age and efficiency of your appliances. The amount used also varies with the weather and the amount of insulation in your home’s walls and ceiling.
Appliances that are manufactured today are typically much more efficient. As appliances age, their efficiency decreases. Knowing the age and life expectancy of your electric appliances can help you understand your electrical use.

Average Life Expectancy In Years
Air Conditioner18
Clothes Washer8-10
Clothes Dryer14
Electric Range12
Electric Water Heater10-12
Heat Pump16


If your appliances are at or nearing the end of their expected life, you may plan ahead. When replacing old appliances pay particular attention to energy efficiency. In most cases, the energy-efficient choice will save you money.

Look for the energyguide labelEnergy Guide Label
To promote conservation, the Federal Government requires manufacturers of large appliances to display energy information. The ENERGYGUIDE is designed to assist you in deciding what appliance would be less expensive to operate over the lifetime of the appliance.


Note: These figures are based on an electric price of 8.14¢ per kWh


Auto engine heater (500 watt)4.7¢ / hour
Aquarium 30 gallon$4.17 / month
Clock18¢ / month
Curling Iron1.5¢ / hour
Battery Charger (car)5.1¢ / hour
Bug Zapper$7.57 / month
Computer w/Monitor, Printer88.2¢ / week
Electric Blanket (125 watt)9.2¢ / 8 hours
Garage Door Opener2.8¢ / month
Hair Dryer (hand held)11.3¢ / hour
Heat Lamp2.4¢ / hour
Jacuzzi (maintain temperature)$1.20 / day
Lighting (incandescent) 75 watt7.0¢ / 10 hours
Lighting (compact fluorescent) 18 watt1.6¢ / 10 hours
Lighting (fluorescent) 4’40 watt3.8¢ / 10 hours
Lighting (outdoor flood) 125 watt11.6¢ / 10 hours
Motor (1 HP)9.20¢ / hour
Power Tools (circular saw)16.7¢ / hour
Radio12.5¢ / 10 hours
Satellite Dish (incl. receiver)$6.09 / month
Stereo18.9¢ / 10 hours
Television (color, solid state)26.0¢ / 10 hours
DVD/VCR2.6¢ / hour
Waterbed Heater (300 watt)$10.00 / month



Clothes Dryer47¢ / load
Clothes Washer (cold/cold)2.8¢ / load
Clothes Washer (warm/cold)12.8¢ / load
Clothes Washer (hot/warm)34.2¢ / load
Iron9.2¢ / hour



Space Conditioning Space/Period
Air Conditioner (12,000 BTU, window) 8 SEER$28.25 / month
Air Conditioner (36,000 BTU, central) 13 SEER$51.25 / month
AC Dehumidifier (20 pints, summer)$14.99 / month
Heater (portable) 1500 watt14.0¢ / hour
Heating System (blower)$8.32 / month
Heat tape (30 ft., 6 watts per foot)$11.93 / month
Humidifier (winter)$2.66 / month
Fan (attic)$2.64 / month
Fan (ceiling, lights off)9.2¢ / 10 hours



Bread Machine7.2¢ / loaf
Coffee Maker (auto drip)2.6¢ / brew
Convection Oven9.2¢ / hour
Dishwasher22.8¢ / load
Freezer (man. defrost, 15 cu. ft.) 1975$5.55 / month
Freezer (man. defrost, 15 cu. ft.) 2003$2.75 / month
Fry Pan10.0¢ / hour
Microwave Oven14.3¢ / hour
Range (oven)12.8¢ / hours
Range (self cleaning cycle)57¢ / cleaning
Refrigerator (frost-free, 21.5 cu. ft.) 1975$13.86 / month
Refrigerator (frost-free, 21.5 cu. ft.) 2006$3.55 / month


Operating cost per hour can be estimated if you know:

  1. Wattage of the appliance
  2. Cost of electricity (cost per KWh)


To estimate the number of kWh (units of electricity used in one hour) first determine:

  1. The wattage of the appliance from its nameplate
  2. Apply the following formula:


Wattage x 1 (hour) = kWh   (units of electricity used per hour)

To figure operating cost per hour: kWh (units used) x Cost/KWh=Cost/hour

To determine average cost per kWh from your electric bill:


(bill) $69.38    =  $.0925 per KWh
(KWh) 750

  Cost per KWh 9.25¢

Electricity used per hour

1500 x 1(hour) = 1.5 Kwh

 Cost per hour of operation:
1.5 KWh x 9.25¢ per KWh = 13.88 (cents per hour)


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