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Best Real Estate Camera?

by Steve Pacinelli on Apr 1st, 2013
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What is the best camera out there for real estate?

That is the most popular question I get while traveling across the country and on the Tech Savvy Agent Facebook page.

The boring answer is….there isn’t a single camera that is best suited for real estate. Cameras evolve so quickly, new models appear yearly, and everyone has a different level of photographic skill.

Camera Specifications

However, I know you guys still want some type of direction for your budget, and that is the keyword here…budget. When people ask me to recommend a “good” option, my price range for a “decent” kit starts at around $1500. Does that make it the only price range you should look in?  No, for most agents that investment simply isn’t feasible, or some agents have the budget to go much higher!

I created a video tutorial that might help you with this question.  No, I don’t tell you what camera to buy.  Instead, this video covers what to look for in a camera that will be used for real estate purposes.   It doesn’t matter if you want to spend $500 or $5000 dollars…. it’s important to have a basic understanding of each specification and what it means to you and your final images.

This might not be the most popular video on Tech Savvy Agent, due to the length and depth of the topic, but it will undoubtedly help an agent looking for a good real estate camera right now or in the future.



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