Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices branding unveiled | Chappaqua Homes for Sale

Warren Buffett’s new franchise network, Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices, today unveiled the branding the company hopes will be adopted by brokerages affiliated with Prudential Real Estate and Real Living.

Buffett got into the franchising game in October, when HomeServices of America Inc. — a Berkshire Hathaway affiliate that’s the second-largest real estate brokerage in the nation — acquired a majority interest in the Prudential Real Estate and Real Living brands from Brookfield Asset Management.

HomeServices and Brookfield formed a joint venture, HSF Affiliates LLC, which will roll out the new franchise brand later this year while continuing to operate the Real Living and Prudential Real Estate affiliate networks.

The brand “will be available in late 2013,” the company said today. The Berkshire Hathaway name is front and center in the branding, and that’s by design.

“The brand’s strongest asset is the Berkshire Hathaway name itself,” said Kevin Ostler, communications manager for HSF Affiliates LLC, HomeServices’ new franchise wing.

The rich cabernet color, Ostler said, makes the brand stand out from the red-and-blue dominated branding of much of the real estate industry. It also gives distinction, he said. “It’s the color of royalty.”

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