Bedford NY Realtor | 3 Awesome Tips to Organize Emails to Evernote

We all juggle email, right? Evernote gives us three easy tips to organize our important emails breaking it down by notebook, note and even tags!

When you sign up for an Evernote account, free or premium, you are given a specific email address for that account. In your account info you should be able to see an email address listed that says “Email notes to:”. That is your very own specific email address. I find it helpful to add that email address as a contact in my Gmail contacts for easy forwarding in the future.

Where to find your Evernote Email AddressOnce you have your email address figured out, the rest is easy!

1. How do I forward an email directly to a specific notebook in my EN account?
At the end of your subject line add the ‘@’ symbol along with the name of your notebook. Make sure and type it exactly as it’s shown in your Evernote account including spaces between words.

Step1: Forwarding your email to a Notebook2. How do I include tags on an email?
Again, at the end of the subject line, include the # symbol along with any tags that you want to add to this email. The tags have to already exist in your Evernote account for this to work.

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Step 2: Attaching your Evernote tags to your email3. Can I make an email a new note within my notebook?
Yes! Here’s where the + sign comes in handy. Tack the + on the end of the subject line and this email will be created as a new note in your EN account.

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