Bedford Corners NY Realtor | Tips on Optimizing a Facebook Page

With the increasing popularity of Facebook, Facebook pages are starting to rank higher in search engines. The high ranking status makes your company’s official Facebook page an important source of ongoing internet traffic. More traffic means more potential sales, so it is a good idea to learn how to optimize your Facebook page for potential customers.

Update Content Regularly

High quality content posted regularly to your company’s Facebook page can increase search engine optimization by encouraging visitors to repost and link back to your page. As opposed to stand-alone webpage content which should focus on targeted keyword densities, Facebook page updates should spotlight informative and entertaining content. Also, popular content posted to your company’s Facebook page will encourage more visitors to “like” or “fan” your page, which is important in creating a broader customer reach and creating customized Facebook URLs.

Research Effective Keywords

5185010011 284c0938e0 300x185 Tips on Optimizing a Facebook PageWhile targeted and effective keyword saturation is of lesser importance in your company’s Facebook page updates, the keyword chosen for your Facebook page name is, however, important. The name you choose cannot be changed once it is entered during registration, so proper research is vital before setting your business up on Facebook. There are several tools available online which can provide keyword statistics, including how often your chosen word or phrase was searched recently.

Custom Facebook URL

Once you reach a certain number of fans on your Facebook page, you gain the ability to create a custom URL. The username which is used to generate your custom URL should be based on the relevant keywords you researched while opening the account. By optimizing other aspects of your company’s Facebook page, you can attract the fans needed to meet the custom URL requirements.


4848301382 b2b88eaeeb Tips on Optimizing a Facebook PageDo not rely solely on visitors to create quality backlinks to your Facebook page. Time spent posting keyword rich backlinks on other relevant websites will help to optimize your page, raise its search engine ranking and increase traffic. Blogs, forums, and other social media outlets are great places to incorporate optimizing backlinks to your Facebook page.

Keywords in “Info” Section

The use of relevant keywords in the “info” section of your Facebook page can improve search engine optimization. Facebook pages with good keyword density take advantage of the high ranking these kinds of webpages receive. When relevant optimizing keywords are worked into the “info” section in natural and entertaining language, readers will be able to find your Facebook page and enjoy the content.

Optimizing your Facebook page will bring more traffic and attention to your content. Well selected keywords, quality content and effective backlinks will help to make your Facebook page standout

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