Armonk Real Estate | Thanksgiving Made Easy: ‘Just Put the F___ing Turkey in the Oven’ [VIDEO]

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Having trouble preparing your turkey? Take some advice from cooking instructor Mary Risley and, well, “just put the f__ing turkey in the oven.”

The culinary teacher of “f__ing 40 years” shares her uncensored thoughts about the Thanksgiving staple in this 8-minute instructional video. From a kitchen in San Francisco, she quips, “Don’t worry about it. Turkey really never tastes good. I’ve never had an outstanding turkey. … Just remember, it’s just a f__ing turkey. Just stick it in the oven.”

Although the instructional clip is filled with Risley’s amusing spontaneous lines (“I used to joke that I was like a turkey — big breasts and short legs — but now I don’t joke that way anymore”), it also includes solid advice on what ingredients to use, sides to make and alcohol to drink.

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You also can find Risley’s Thanksgiving recipes on cooking website Tante Marie.

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