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Do you walk away from networking situations feeling like it was a display of your best you? Or do you walk out the door feeling like you missed out on great relationships simply because you were too nervous?

Looking at those who network best, it seems to be some natural trait that they were born with. After leaving a conversation with one, you are left with a memorable overview of not only of them, but also their views. They also tend to be the ones you first reach out to after an event to continue the connection and conversation.

For some, this ability is natural. For many, it is a learned trait that is self-taught using a variety of techniques. My personal technique is through IMPACT GENERATING OVERVIEW creation. For each area of importance regarding my persona brand I compact them down into a few short key points/sentences. Your IGOs are living entities, and you should revisit them before each event to tailor them to your perspective audience and personal goals.

This technique really helps my client Shea because it decreases the chance of letting nerves get the better of her, which used to happen quite frequently. It increases her confidence level, allowing her to be clear and concise when speaking with those she wants to inspire and/or influence.

Recently, Shea was in Hawaii for the Men’s Surf Triple Crown, which was a great networking event for her to seek out new sponsors and environmental partners.

Beforehand she established IGOs for herself, highlighting the key details below.

You (Shea) –I’m a Hawaiian born free surfer living in Cardiff, Ca. I recently made the decision to focus on being able to live life on the ocean supporting myself through my surfing.
Job/Career path –Pushing the limits of free surfing that will get people excited about women’s surfing. For 2012, video creation will be a main vehicle along with the innovative and active partnerships I am building with my sponsors.
Involvement (charitable, hobby) – Being in the water every day I experience firsthand how our ocean has changed over the years. Other than working locally with communities on their environmental needs where I travel to surf, I am exploring with company partners ways to recycle used surf wax until more surfers start using the eco-friendly versions.
Sport (free surfing) – Surfing for the beauty and the sport itself in the best locations around the world. I care about pushing the limits athletically in surfing and not surfing for a score.

Areas for you may also include – passion (faith, etc), vision, business ventures, family,etc. While it may seem like a lot, these are topics you touch on almost every time you meet someone new or reacquaint yourself with someone you haven’t seen in a long time. Most likely you will never speak the IGO sentences verbatim, but you will be aware of the 3 significant details and keep to the point. It then becomes up to the listener to inquire about hearing more simply because they want to.

Are you confident going into networking events? Do you have a technique you particularly like?


Katie Marston is a partner in VMGelement , a personal brand development company focusing on professional athletes. Follow her on Twitter at @ktmarston

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