Are You Receiving Leads from, Zillow, or Trulia? | Armonk NY Homes

When you respond to these leads with the only form of contact they usually give you, email, are they opening your responses?

Do you even know if they opened your email or clicked any links?  If not, go here first.

Now we have that out of the way, lets talk about how to increase that open rate.

I presented at the Agent Reboot conference in Seattle and had the opportunity to watchDarin Persinger from Productivity Junkies talk a bit about leads and how to respond to them.  He explained the process of how a consumer searches on and connects with the site.  That consumer then fills out a form and is then presented with an email from “Kelly Agent”, which might not ever get read.  Why you ask?  Watch the video below to find out and learn what to do to overcome this dilemma.



Are You Receiving Leads from, Zillow, or Trulia? | Tech Savvy Agent.

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