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We recently updated our Superlist of Social Media and Content Marketing Case Studies and one of the enhancements that people really like is the Facebook Page section.  This section provides examples of the myriad ways smart  companies are using their Facebook pages successfully to engage customers and grow their businesses.

I recently discovered a terrific Blueprint for the Perfect Facebook Page Infographic from Salesforce that provides great tips for creating the perfect Facebook post.   In sum, the recommendations are:

  1. Keep your post copy short and your tone personal.
  2. Target your audience by location or language.
  3. Use a call-to-action hyperlink to a page on your website.
  4. Achieve more impact by including an attractive, relevant photo with your post.
  5. Reach more fans with a sponsored story within 24 hours of your posting.
  6. Don’t be a passive poster. Engage by asking questions and adding comments.
  7. Post with mobile users in mind: short simple copy , images and video.
  8. Evaluate what’s working and what’s not by reviewing the “Engaged Fans” metric on your Insights Page.If you want to see examples of how companies are using Facebook

Go grab this terrific infographic right now and keep it handy.

Read more: http://www.interactiveinsightsgroup.com/blog1/ways-to-create-the-perfect-facebook-post/#ixzz2SVy0IF25

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