Bedford Town Board Approves Water Hike | Katonah Real Estate

Bedford residents will have to pay a little more for their water in order to pay for a new water filtration plant in Katonah.

The Bedford Town Board unanimously approved water rate increases last week. Average water rates will increase by 20 percent, abut $97 a year.

“The water filtration plant is in operation and is producing great quality water,” Department of Public Works Commissioner Kevin Winn said. “Due to the increased expenses of the plant, we do need to have slight rate increase though it is less than anticipated.”

Winn said the town’s goal with the rate increase was to advocate for more water conservation. Minimum water rates are lower, but the rates increase with the more water used.

The rate increase will go into effect on Oct. 1. The rate increase was less than anticipated due to electric and waste disposal costs being less than anticipated.

Gordon Strong, a Katonah resident, complained he was being penalized by the new rate structure. Strong has a one inch water main and would be paying more than his neighbors who have larger homes and might use more water.

“I don’t think it’s fair,” Strong said. “I am being asked to pay a higher rate. I should be made an exception.”

Winn said he should change the size of his water meter and residents are charged for meters because they put more tax on the water system.

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