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Dear  Residents,

It’s been a brutal winter – and as last night’s snowfall  tells us, it keeps coming back at us.


The winter has been tougher than usual on our roads.  We  are working as promptly as we can to restore them to good condition.  In  addition to working to fix potholes, the Town Board is considering a substantial  increase in funding for paving – approximately 30% to $1.1 million.  Further, we  have moved up to May 6 the scheduled date for adoption of the Capital Plan to  allow us to begin paving.   We aim to complete most paving and associated  drainage work projects in the summer before school  starts.

I also wish to mention that we are discussing with the  New York State Department of Transportation the need for attending to the even  greater deterioration in the state roads in our Town, such as Routes 22, 117,  121, 137 and 172.


As to potholes you find in our Town roads, please call  our Pothole Hotline at 666-7669 or feel free to contact me at 666-6530 or


We  appreciate your understanding and patience.


Chris  Burdick



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