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Brands are asking this question

These new guidelines though have raised the following question.

With many great tools to manage likes and comments, how do you go about  ensuring that Facebook Timeline Contest you post actually gets  engagement?

The status updates below are meant to inspire you with ideas that take  advantage of the new Facebook changes and create and drive engagement.

30 Facebook Timeline Contest Ideas

  1. We’re almost to 40,000 fans. Click like to celebrate! The 100th like will  get a free [INCENTIVE]
  2. Comment “Coupon” below to get 20% off your next purchase at [FAN PAGE NAME].  Enter before 5pm EST tomorrow!
  3. We’d love getting to know you as well as your best friend knows you! Leave a  comment below and attach a picture of you and your best friend for your chance  to win [INCENTIVE]. We’ll pick a winner at noon PST tomorrow.
  4. Comment below for your chance to win a free T-Shirt: The best kind of  [INSERT] is _____________. Get the most likes on your comment by 2pm EST  tomorrow to win!
  5. Comment below, what year was [FAN PAGE NAME] founded in? The first person to  guess it right gets [INCENTIVE]
  6. On a scale 0-10+ what do you think of our new product pictured below? The  person who leaves the best feedback in the comments will win the product totally  free! Winner chosen at 2pm EST tomorrow.
  7. Who is excited for Winter? Like this post for your chance to win  [INCENTIVE]. We’ll pick a winner at 1pm EST tomorrow.
  8. Tomorrow is our 50% in store sale! Click like for your chance to win your  entire purchase, free (max $500). We’ll pick a winner at 9am EST tomorrow!
  9. We’re launching a new menu item and want your feedback. Comment below and  tell us what ingredient you think we should add to the menu item pictured below.  The winner will get a free year of the menu item! We’ll announce the winner on  our fan page at 2pm EST tomorrow.
  10. TRIVIA: How many fortune 500 brands do we work with? Comment below  with your guess for a chance to win a free $500 service plan! Winner will be  announced at 1pm EST tomorrow.
  11. Click “Like” if you can’t wait for the weekend. At 2pm EST tomorrow we’re  picking a winner who’ll get a weekend trip for two to Myrtle Beach!
  12. Caption this! Comment below with your idea. The comment that gets the most  likes will win a [INCENTIVE]. Winner will be picked tomorrow at 5pm EST.
  13. Guess how many Jelly Beans are in the jar pictured below. The person who  comments closest to the actual amount will win a free year of Jelly Beans!  Winner picked at 5pm EST tomorrow.Pro Tip: Get a picture of whatever your  product is with “a lot” of the product featured. This could be your new books  stacked on a bookshelf if you’re an author or 100′s of pairs of shoes if you’re  Nike. Ask your fans to guess #’s. Its quick, fast, and easy for them to  participate.
  14. On a scale of 0-10+ how much do you love [ENTER BUSINESS NAME]. Tomorrow at  2pm



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