Sure, you can have a pay rise – just get a company logo tattoo | Chappaqua Realtor

Sure, you can have a pay rise – just get a company logo tattoo – Americas – World – The Independent.


Some employees of a real estate company in New York are really pushing the meaning of ‘company loyalty’, by voluntarily being inked with the company’s logo.


It’s not entirely without an incentive though. According to CBS, the quick-thinking CEO of Rapid Realty, Anthony Lolli, offered a pay rise of 15 per cent to employees who get tattoos of the Rapid Realty logo.

Lolli told CBS that he got the idea from an employee who voluntarily got the logo tattooed on his body, and apparently the novel move has proved popular with staff. Around forty willing members of staff have gotten inked with the green and black logo or said they would take their boss up on the offer.

The tattoo costs $300 (around £192), and can be placed anywhere on the body. Lolli himself has yet to get inked, but says he plans to eventually.

Staff member Robert Trezza told CBS: “I think it’s a good opportunity to show commitment to a company that makes going to work fun every day,” while another added: “My wife was a little concerned, but I said, you know what, it was the best commitment I could think of.”

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