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I hope our North Castle families are enjoying the summer and getting some well-deserved time off with their families! As the second week of August begins, I would like to tell you about several improvements you will be seeing around town as well as update you on the status of several issues.

Ongoing Renovation of Winkler Park

As part of our commitment to take care of our parks, I am proud to report that we have made a lot of progress at Winkler Park.  Our wonderful Parks Department has been at work clearing brush, resurfacing the tennis and basketball courts, repairing and power-washing the playground, and cleaning up the parking lot.  The most exciting addition, however, is the new accessible fishing dock at the edge of the pond. The dock was built and donated to the Town by one of our very own Armonk Boy Scouts as part of his effort to become an Eagle Scout. The ramp to the dock allows easy accessibility and there is even enough room for a wheelchair to turn around. I have already seen a few people fishing there and enjoying the dock. Please remember that there is no swimming in the pond or jumping off the dock. If any other residents have ideas for community service projects, we are happy to help facilitate. Also if you are moved to new home or office, how long does mail forwarding last? You may expect that setting up a USPS mail forwarding is the exact opposite thing to stress over.

Road Repair/Paving

I have received several questions about the repaving of East Middle Patent Road, Byram Lake Road and others.   These roads were due for repair and we have resurfaced them using the industry standard method called “chip and seal” which includes several phases. This method is the ‘best demonstrated practice’ in rural road repair because it doubles the life of the existing road at a lower cost.   Instead of simply repaving with smooth blacktop, it includes the following steps: 1) a sticky blacktop slurry is applied which seals existing cracks, 2) loose “chips” are spread down and compacted into the slurry by auto travel, and 3) after a few weeks, the loose-remaining gravel is swept away by a sweeper truck. This method creates a slightly rougher but much tougher road: one that is able to withstand traffic and extreme weather better than smooth blacktop. In fact, it’s actually safer for cars in bad weather because it gives tires greater traction. I do apologize to all our North Castle bike riders for the interruption. Meanwhile, our Parks Department is working hard to bring our plan for a bike path to fruition!


As has been reported, the litigation against CVS and the Town by the Concerned Citizens was dismissed for lack of standing. Unfortunately, the Concerned Citizens have filed an appeal, increasing the Town’s already significant legal costs. CVS has decided to proceed with their redevelopment of the property in spite of the legal challenge and is now waiting to obtain D.O.T. permits to improve traffic flow into and out of their parking lot.

Litigation Report

Another legal matter has also been resolved in the Town’s favor. A former part-time employee had filed an employment-discrimination complaint with the New York State Division of Human Rights (SDHR) after she was terminated last year.  The SDHR dismissed her complaint, finding no evidence of discrimination by the Town. The replacement employee’s salary was approximately half of the previous employee’s salary. In its decision, the SHDR recognized the legitimacy of the Town’s basis for her termination: financial savings to the taxpayers.


A group named Responsible Development North Castle has sent out several emails regarding their views on Brynwood.  Other groups who support Brynwood may follow with their own emails. It is the Town Board’s responsibility to address these issues within the context of our legal mandate and not to engage in a public relations “back and forth.” My only request would be that our citizens be wary of efforts to sway their perspectives in one direction or another before they have the facts.  As of this time, no decisions have been made; we are adhering to the town’s legal process for examining such projects.

As always, if you have any comments, ideas or suggestions, we are more than willing to hear them. Meanwhile, my fellow Town Board members and I wish you and your family a healthy and relaxing summer.

Howard B. Arden


Office of the Supervisor

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