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Multi-bid offers have declined from 73.3 percent of offers written in April to 69.5 percent of offers written in May by Redfin agents, basically the same as May 2012, when 69.3 percent of Redfin offers went into bidding war. Most Redfin agents are located in West Coast markets.

The market’s easing is likely a result of the substantial monthly increase in inventory seen in April, the Seattle-based brokerage reported in its May 2013 Bidding War Report, which is based on statistics compiled from 2,000 offers written by Redfin agents in May. The number of homes for sale grew 6.4 percent from March 2013, the largest monthly gain since March 2010. Interest rates, which rose slightly in May, could also play a role in the declining demand seen last month.

Despite easing competition, seven out of 10 Redfin offers still faced multiple bids last month, causing homebuyers and their agents to use creative strategies.

Four of the top five most competitive markets were all in California: San Francisco (87.9% of Redfin offers faced bidding wars), Los Angeles (86.1%), Orange County (83.9%) and San Diego (72.6%). Boston rounded out the top five with 68.1% of Redfin offers facing competition.


Competitive Offers Ease on West Coast |

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