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Local Representation for North Castle Neighborhoods




On the Road to Non-Partisan Elections




Neighborhood Representation on the North Castle Town Board will  reduce partisan control of Town Government.







A special election considering Neighborhood

Representation on the Town Board will be held on


Thursday, November 13, 2014.


Vote Yes on Both Propositions




“There is no Republican / Democrat way to plow snow.”  Yet, the major Town political parties, the gatekeepers of Town politics,  have managed to concentrate power in a tight political establishment for decades. Outsiders are not welcome.



Town wide Elections make it almost impossible for non-partisan candidates to run.  Parties control:


  • Endorsements
  • Petitions
  • Funding
  • Ballot lines
  • And More….


The Ward System can enable non-partisan candidates.


  • Barriers for candidates to run will be dramatically reduced.
  • Neighborhood elections are scaled where candidates do not need Party support.
  • Small election districts will allow non-partisan candidates to effectively compete.


Non-Partisan candidates can reduce the concentration of power and provide for more equal representation.



More Councilpersons will also make the Board more transparent, as it would be harder for the establishment to tightly control the Board.




The Democrat and Republican Party Committees bitterly oppose the Ward System because they have the MOST TO LOSE.


  • The Ward System proposal has brought the  Town’s political parties together.  United for North Castle (UNC), is a PAC made up of the major Town Party committees.
  • They have joined together in an e-mail and sign campaign opposing the ward system and defending the Armonk centric political establishment.
  • It is a shame that rather than discuss the pro’s and con’s of the ward system, UNC has chosen to attack the  North Castle citizen petitioners with innuendo and personal attacks;
  • It is a shame the party leaderships resort ugly political tactics, falsely trying to link the petitioners to some unnamed evil forces, rather than discuss propositions on their merits;
  • It is deceitful, knowing full well that the Board of Elections will assure wards with equal populations, to  publish misleading data on hypothetical ward maps implying unequal wards and then, somehow, try to conflate the ward system with the Brynwood controversy;
  • It is puzzling that the people who call for “civility” in Town politics, in the next breath, put out a cynical town wide letters which imply unnamed sinister connections and make divisive attacks.



Who is behind the Ward System proposals?
Tony Futia has led the effort to establish more representative government in North Castle for years.  He has been assisted by dozens of volunteers from among the hundreds of North Castle citizens who signed the Ward System petition.  These citizens:


  • Are publicly disclosed
  • Represent almost 10% of the active voters in North Castle
  • Feel strongly about the need for more representative government in North Castle.


That’s it. Town citizens. No one else.  No PAC’s.  No real estate interests.  No hidden agenda’s. No paid staff. No Brynwood. No self interests.


Nothing to gain but better government.
















The Westchester Board of Elections will Assure that All Wards will Have Equal Populations


Each Ward will have approximately 2,000 residents.

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