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Dear Neighbor,
On November 5, our town faces an important election.  I am running for Supervisor against Howard Arden, and I’d like to take this opportunity to introduce my running mates for Town Board, Barry Reiter and José Berra.  I urge you to support them as their experience and abilities will help me in continuing to protect the taxpayers of our town.
Barry Reiter and José Berra are joining me in bringing the right change to our community.  We strongly oppose the way Diane Roth, Howard Arden, and John Cronin have been running our town, as this “ruling majority” has brought a disrespectful, arrogant, and secretive approach to North Castle.  Instead of basing decisions on facts, too often false personal attacks are used to get their way (the latest example is the inexcusable campaign of a vicious character assassination conducted during the Republican primary).  Too often they are not honest with the residents, treat them with disdain, and focus more on their own personal agendas then with your priorities.
José Berra and Barry Reiter provide a superior alternative for the Town Board than what we’ve seen from Diane Roth and John Cronin.  Both Barry and José offer excellent professional experience coupled with a clear commitment to our community.
Barry Reiter is an expert on budgeting and resource management as a local business owner, which are important skills that will help protect our taxpayers.  In addition, Barry is truly committed to our community.  From serving on the Byram Hills Education Foundation that benefits our children, to chairing NC4 (North Castle Citizen Corps Council), to coaching AYSO soccer, to volunteering in Boy Scout Troop 94, Barry understands the importance of giving back to our town.  Any of the more than 2000 residents that passed through the Herganhan Recreation Center for comfort during Hurricane Sandy understand Barry’s commitment to his neighbors, as he managed that facility 24/7 as Chairman of NC4. Barry is a respected fiscal conservative and is endorsed by both the Democratic and Conservative parties.
José Berra has lived and volunteered in North Castle for nearly 25 years and possesses an exceptionally strong combination of financial, business, analytical, and legal skills.  José is a CPA and attorney who earned his law degree from the University of Chicago Law School.  He is uniquely qualified scrutinize the town’s finances and to help improve deteriorating town roads and services in a fiscally responsible manner.  José knows the importance of giving back to our community and among other things has volunteered every year for almost 20 years for the Friends of the North Castle Public Library at the Armonk Outdoor Art Show.  José has been enthusiastically endorsed by the Democratic and Independence parties and has strong support throughout North Castle.
Barry, José, and I want to bring responsible, respectful leadership back to our community.  We hope you will support us on November 5 and we look forward to talking with you in the weeks to come.


Mike Schiliro

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