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Are you looking for creative ideas to help launch your next product (or company)?

Want some actionable tips to employ social media in your next launch?

If so, keep reading as I explore nine ways we used social media to help launch a new project.

You’re sure to find unusual tactics that will help you with your next launch.

Why Social Media for a Launch?

Social media has changed everything when it comes to marketing.

Now, instead of spending a ton of money hoping to get in front of the “press,” you are the media.  Social media allows you to connect with people and encourage engagement with very little money and only a nominal effort.


Like Social Media Examiner, you may have a blog or podcast—or perhaps a video series.  This means you are a media outlet and can leverage that following every time you launch.

Even if you don’t produce content, chances are pretty good you’ve developed relationships across social channels. All of these outposts provide a great opportunity to take the launch process to an entirely new level.

Let me show you how. Below are nine ways we employed social media to help launch a new initiative called My Kids’ Adventures.

Tip #1: Create a Teaser Campaign on Facebook

When your idea is nothing more than a thought, start brainstorming ways you can employ social media to hint that something exciting is coming.

My teaser campaign was code-named “Project Torch” and I referred to it every now and again on Facebook. As you can see below, a lot of folks were intrigued and wondered what I had up my sleeve.

I posted the result of a brainstorming session on Facebook, with the words blurred on the clipboard

Starting months before launch, I regularly posted random images of torches, Indiana Jones and updates about my progress on “Project Torch.”

People were private messaging me, calling me and emailing me (family, friends and business peers) wondering what in the world this secret project was.

Tips when doing a teaser campaign:

  • Experiment using Facebook posts with and without images.
  • Share progress images (I showed fuzzed-out logos we were working on).
  • Reference your “code name” in all of your updates to create natural curiosity.
  • Be very careful not to reveal too much too early (even to your closest friends and employees!).

Tip #2: Create a Video That’s Personal

Social media provides an amazing opportunity to connect with people. Why not create a video that reveals the need you hope to address while simply hinting at the solution?

The video below was put together in less than two weeks. Part was filmed with my iPhone while I was on vacation and the other part was done with the help of a guy at my church on a Saturday afternoon.


This video played an instrumental role in setting the tone for our new project.

How I unveiled the video

The above video was first formally revealed at Social Media Marketing World, following my keynote presentation.

I pulled a Steve Jobs and said, “But wait, there’s one more thing…”  I showed the video and spoke for about 5 minutes and that was it.



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