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Winter is here, but spring is coming. Throughout the country, the ground is covered with snow and the sky is overcast. There is no reason that inside your home needs to be as gloomy as the outside. Below are a few ideas for adding some cheer to the inside of your home while we wait for spring.

1. Fresh Flowers

Bright, sunny colors plus a sweet fragrance can brighten any room. If you don’t want to use cut flowers then purchase a flowering potted plant. Plus, if you use a potted plant it could be relocated into the garden in the spring for it to continue growing and add years of enjoyment.

2. Decorate your table

Find a table runner with bright colors then add some candle holders along with it. I have glassybabys all throughout my home and they definitely add some cheer to these dreary days. Earlier last year I started swapping out my table runner each season and holiday; I love how it makes my kitchen a little bit more festive. It is a small change that can make the entire room look decorated. To create one for yourself, visit this post for a step by step tutorial.

3. Festive Kitchen Decor

In addition to decorating your table, swap out your kitchen towels for some bright and fresh ones. In addition to adding something happy to your kitchen this also gives your regular towels a bit of a rest so they last longer. Or get a few kitchen pieces such as plates and mugs that add a smile to your face when you use them.

4. Bunting

There is something youthful and happy about bunting, especially when the fabric is full of bright stripes and polka dots. Make a set for yourself or find a great vendor off Etsy then hang it on a blank wall. In addition to putting this in a main living space, it would be a great focal point to a playroom or child’s bedroom.

5. Pillows

A quick change to any couch or chair is by adding or swapping out a pillow. Use an unconventional design or your favorite color to make you smile whenever you see it. What would you pick? Yellow? Teal? Chevron? Polka Dots? Check out Pinterest for lots of….




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