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Erick Motta, owner of Fresno, Calif.-based Home Star, is tired of watching YouTube videos of agents pitching themselves to potential clients.

So to set his brokerage apart, he decided to produce a different kind of promotional video. Motta — the latest winner of Inman News #madREskillz contest – cast himself as Superman.

In the video, Motta soars across Fresno, Calif. to answer the call of a client who must sell her home in 24 hours. The video is a spoof on the viral hit “Superman With a GoPro,” and is designed to showcase Home Star’s expertise with video marketing, Motta said.

Like “Superman with a GoPro,” Motta’s video features what is supposed be first-person footage of a superhero flying through the atmosphere.

The video opens with animation showing a conversation between “Super Realtor Man,” played by Motta, and a damsel in distress, the “urgent seller.” Home Star bought the animation sequence from VideoHive, and filled the dialogue bubbles with original content, Motta said.

“When do you need to sell it by?” Super Realtor Man asks in the video.

“By Friday,” she says — not next week, but tomorrow.



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