End of an era: NAR’s legal champion to retire | Bedford Corners Real Estate

Laurie Janik, the National Association of Realtors’ chief legal champion, is generally considered a straight shooter: Ask her a question and you get the kind of clear, informed answer that has endeared her to many Realtors.

But inquire how many hours she works a week and she’s not so forthcoming.“I’m not giving you that figure,” Janik said. “Ralph will quit before he starts.

It’s an all-consuming job.” “Ralph” would be Ralph Holmen, NAR’s assistant general counsel, who will take over as the trade group’s general counsel when Janik retires Nov. 30. At age 59, Janik has spent nearly two-thirds of her life — and nearly all of her career — working for NAR.

She joined the association as a law clerk in 1977 and became its general counsel in 1987. For many Realtors, she is the only NAR general counsel they have ever known.


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