New Years Resolutions for Home Renovations That Can Save Money | Waccabuc NY Realtor

Use Compact Fluorescent Bulbs

Compact fluorescent bulbs save energy in the home. In fact, the bulbs use three-quarters less electricity than standard light bulbs. These light bulbs can last as long as seven years and may cost more than a standard light bulb, but the bulbs are worth the investment.

Purchase a Low-Flow Shower Head

The low-flow shower head regulates the water flow in the home. This project is easy and will only require less than an hour to install. Experts recommend installing a low-flow shower head on every shower in the home. This will save significant amounts of energy and money by regulating the flow of water. Many people neglect to make this change and waste significant amounts of money.

Purchase Solar Panels

Use solar panels to attract energy from the sun. This is a significant savings over obtaining electricity from the electric company. Installing solar panels can be expensive, but it is worth the investment. Most people add the solar panels gradually each year until there is enough to supply energy for the entire home on a daily basis.

Before installing the panels, you should conduct an energy test. This test can help you identify where the air is escaping from the home. When the areas are identified and sealed, there will be no wasting of heat or energy collected from the solar panels.

Purchase Energy Star Appliances

Purchase energy efficient appliances and put them in your home. These devices use less energy than standard energy star appliances. When appliances are not in use, you can save even more energy by unplugging the device. The thermostat can also adjust to save money.

Home Renovation and Energy Conservation

The New Year will bring savings if a few simple home renovations are completed. Every home owner can make their home safer and more energy efficient with a few simple changes. Consider the home renovations to improve the home and increase your savings.

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