Fully Reno’d ‘House of the Day After Tomorrow’ Asks $5.5M | South Salem Homes


Location: Lake Forest, Ill.
Price: $5,499,000
The Skinny: When George Fred Keck designed a forward-looking sequel to his 1933 World’s Fair “House of Tomorrow” (inevitably, if unfortunately, dubbed the “House of the Day After Tomorrow”) there’s little chance that he could have foreseen what the the actual future had in store for his speculative creation. Originally built in 1936, the home received an extensive 1990s “renovation” which, according to a recent profile of the place in the Journal, added a second story and ballooned the floorplan to a whopping 15,400 square feet. Which begs the question: how much of a home can you drastically change while still attributing its design to the original architect? A look inside provides an answer, of sorts, where the etched glass, water feature, and recessed lighting scream “I come from the ’90s!” and the only remaining design aspect that can be attributed to Keck is its energy efficiency. The seven-bedroom, nine-and-three-tenths-bathroom manse (what exactly constitutes three-tenths of bathroom? A closet with a sink?) is asking $5.499M.



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