Hollywood Hills Modern With Glass Garage Asks $8.5M | Pound Ridge Real Estate

Location: Los Angeles, Calif. Price: $8,500,000 The Skinny: Some houses definitely need brokerbabble that scales the dizzying heights of Purple Prose Mountain to help make the sale, but then again, some houses really ought to be able to sell themselves. This car collector’s dream home that Curbed L.A. covered last week is definitely one of the latter. For the studio exec (for example) who wants to be able park their Bentley next to his Tesla inside a glass-walled nine-car garage, it’s a no-brainer. That being said, it’s hard to sever the bond between a broker and his or her hyperbole: “An irreplaceable property, an unparalleled history, and great location. This trophy estate of awe-inspiring indoor & outdoor living space is one of the most distinctive residential properties in Los Angeles…. comparable to 5-Star Hotel with amazing pool, spa and an opulent master suite, this is the absolute best opportunity to purchase a pristine compound in years. ..This celebrity compound is Walled & gated and sits on almost ONE ACRE of complete PRIVACY.” It goes on like that—with, oddly, just one off-handed mention of the garage—when all the listing really needs to say is “Do you have nine cars that need a glass garage to park in? Then buy this house.” The listing asks $8.5M.

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