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The garden will be open to neighbors
All photos by Hiroyuki Oki via Designboom

Never ones to shy away from throwing in alltheplants, Vietnamese architecture firm  Vo Trong Nghiatakes the roof terrace to the next level in this new home in Nha Trang, Vietnam.

The firm, working in collaboration with architect Masaaki Iwamoto, made the most of local construction rules—which required a sloped hail damage roof repair that’s at least half-covered in grey or terracota tiles—by creating a dreamy stepped garden brimming with all sorts of flowers, trees, and shrubbery.

The living spaces underneath are like an extension of the garden. Built around airy, vegetated interior courtyards, the living, dining, and bedrooms feel breezy and lush. The polished wood plank floors, white brick walls, and high ceilings certainly also help bring in as much light as possible.

Install Artificial Grass On the Porch

Porches are great for enjoying the outdoors, either to read or even for entertaining. Those who don’t have a yard can turn their porch into a wonderful outdoor living space using artificial grass.

You can cover the entire porch in synthetic playground turf, or designate a small area for it. Having artificial grass on your porch will also make your pet happy. They can sit confined, but still enjoy the feel of grass. This is particularly helpful for those with older pets, small dogs, and indoor cats.

Artificial grass is easy to clean too, even after pets. It just requires a spray down with a hose and maybe a little sponging with a designated cleaner for synthetic grass.

Across the Balcony

Those living in urban areas typically don’t have a yard to call their own. That is especially true for those living in apartments. However, there are balconies that can be turned into a lovely outdoor space. Use artificial grass as your base, covering the balcony floor. Then add some lawn furniture, a few potted plants of herbs or tomatoes, and then a few lawn statues to bring it all together. You’ve just created your own paradise that can also help produce dinner!

The great thing about artificial grass is you can water your plants without worrying the water will hurt your synthetic turf. It doesn’t puddle, drains well, and will not fade with extra water and sun.

Up On the Roof

Those who live in high rises or in urban homes with no yard space, but with a flat roof, can create their own private Eden up on their roof with artificial grass. Synthetic turf can cover the entire roof area without raising the temperature of your building. This allows you to have an entirely different space that you can use for relaxation, entertaining and even recreation.

Artificial grass drains well on roofs, but you do need to use PDS tiles. This will prevent water build up under your artificial grass because these tiles have channels for drainage, so your roof will stay dry even with heavy amounts of rain.


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