National Weather Service: Mount Kisco’s Winter Won’t Be So Bad | Mt Kisco Real Estate

Despite several reports of doom and gloom about the upcoming winter, the National Weather Service is forecasting average temperatures and average precipitation for the season.

The National Weather Service is forecasting roughly average temperatures for much of the country with the exception of below average temperatures in southwest Texas and above average highs in the northern great plains and Pacific Northwest.

Precipitation estimates are expected to be around the typical norm as well in the Northeast.

The National Weather Service has also said that predicting long-range weather is far from an exact science. While prevailing weather patterns like El Nino do have an impact on weather trends, the week-to-week shifts play a much larger role and thus make long-range forecasting little more than guess work.

The National Weather Service, does, however, remind residents to be prepared when the snow starts to fall. This is, after all, still the Northeast.


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