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At Agent Reboot in New York City last month, real estate coach and trainer Travis Robertson outlined how Gen Y is reshaping the buying and selling experience to fit how they do business. Are you prepared to cope? Suppose you’re at a party and a longtime friend introduces you to a Gen Y (millennial) attorney who has just relocated from New York to join their local firm. The attorney wants to buy a loft condo within walking distance of their firm, which just happens to be the area where you specialize. Will you be the agent who captures the business? The answer to that question will probably be based upon what happens in the five minutes immediately following your introduction. If you haven’t done so already, search your own name on Google and see what turns up on the first page of the search. That’s exactly what that young attorney did within seconds or even minutes of leaving you. He searched your name on Google to see if you would be a good fit. In fact, many will make the decision to work with you based upon what they find in that search. If you haven’t embraced social and mobile and if your profile doesn’t show that you specialize in the downturn urban lifestyle, chances are that buyer will continue to search for someone who does meet those criteria.




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