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Well, that should not even be a question — the answer is obvious and always yes! Admittedly, I might be a tad more than anal-retentive, especially when it comes to my mobile devices and specifically my contacts. I still remember the day my Palm device was lost and I didn’t have a current backup.

I later remember, far more painfully, how excited I was about the sled modem for my Palm Vx — the OmniSky modem — and having mobile Internet access.

What I didn’t count on was how unstable it made my device, prone to crashing and data loss. The first time this happened I was traveling and was left to rely on my paper agenda — not having a way to quickly and efficiently restore. Just thinking about this makes me skittish.

By the time I was using my last Treo 650 (which I’m pretty sure is still in my house somewhere), I could back up to a card, which was pretty handy when you consider I had not one but four of these devices over a period of time. I could not imagine not having a current backup, in case of emergency. With my iDevices, Blackberry and other assorted devices, I worry.

Sure, there’s iCloud and Google but, did you know there’s an app for that? Enter IS Contacts Kit.


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