Peekskill’s Black Bear Gains Fame In…. Texas? | Katonah Real Estate

Peekskill’s small-townbear got some national attention this week.

The story of a black bear being sighted in the city was picked up by the Houston Chronicle, which relayed the tale of the bear to its Texas readers.

A black bear was spotted in the city Tuesday.

“Peekskill police are in the process of coaxing a nuisance black bear off city streets and into the woods by Depew Park and Blue Mountain,” said Peekskill spokesman Bob Knight in an email Tuesday.

“Residents are asked to keep their garbage covered and pet food inside. If you see a bear, do not approach it and do not surround it.”

Knight later added that the bear was spotted heading away from the city, but cautioned residents not to leave food out to entice the bear to come back.



Peekskill’s Black Bear Gains Fame In…. Texas? | The Bedford Daily Voice.

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