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You know the saying, “Life’s A Picnic“, right? Well, I’m here to tell you that Blogging’s a picnic too when you have the right tools, such as this super-easy image editing tool.

One of the ways you can really make your blog posts “POP” and get some extra google seo juice running through it, is by adding some visuals. If you compare a non-image laced blog post with one that has a few strategically placed images, you’ll notice immediately how much more inviting the one that has the images is to read versus the one that doesn’t.  Does this bring us back to our picture-book days of preschool?  Maybe so.  But is it your goal to have your potential clients remain on your site and possibly even READ your blog posts?  Definitely so!

Picnik was introduced just a few short years ago and is now one of the most widely used online photo editing tools available.  There are of course both the free and paid versions, but for what you would be using it for, I would stick with the free one.

One of the tricks that Picnik is great for is bringing some dimension to your images within your blog posts.  Adding a simple shadow effect takes an image from drag to “Dang!” in an instant!

We just got a new kitten for Christmas so I have to use his pic for a demonstration!

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