Atlanta House with ‘Gone with the Wind’ Link Asks $3.25M | Katonah NY Homes


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Location: Atlanta, Ga. Price: $3,250,000 The Skinny: Though Atlanta has played host to plenty of culturally important events, including the Olympics, the first season of the Walking Dead and, of course, the canonical live recording of Free Bird, the 1939 premiere of Gone with the Wind was such a huge milestone for the city that any association with it is trumpeted to this day. That’s the case with this 1935 home in the Peachtree Heights district of Buckhead, which the BrokerBabble claims hosted the cast party for the film. And it might very well have, though the homes where Clark Gable is said to have been fêted approaches the number of homes wherein George Washington purportedly lay down his wigged, weary head for a nap. Designed by Atlanta firm Cooper and Cooper, it’s all classical symmetry and reassuringly staid formalism (a combination the dim echoes of which can be seen in McMansion developments across the Sunbelt), while the decor veers queasily between traditional (downstairs) and blandly contemporary (upstairs). It’s asking $3.25M, which includes almost two acres of beautifully landscaped grounds that Vivien Leigh might have strolled through.


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