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This is the Internet, where two things are never in short supply: information and opinions. If you’re the new guy (or girl) looking to establish yourself in the ranks here, or you’ve been online for more than five minutes, there’s something you’ll need to recognize:

Just Because You Read It Online Doesn’t Make It True

Shocking, I know.

There’s a lot of people and a lot of businesses dispensing advice. You’ll need to recognize quickly how to consider your source. If last week’s blog included something about flying pigs or the sky being green, then you immediately recognize that their opinions about the latest industry news could very easily be B.S.

Or maybe it’s coming from a good source, but you simply don’t agree.

That’s cool too.

No matter how prolific the source of the advice, if you have a legitimate, well thought out argument…

It’s OK To Disagree With The Talking Heads

Be the smart person your mother knows that you are. Be professional. But most of all, if you want to stand out from the thousands of other search results you’re balled up with, BE YOURSELF.

Don’t just repackage the same tips and tricks that the top websites in your industry are publishing. By the time you hit publish, that information will be stale, and you will have added nothing new to the conversation.

Why not give us your twist on the information?

Tell us what you think. Has one of the tips worked for you in the past? Is one of the tips just doomed to failure? That’s more interesting to your audience than mindlessly reciting the information.

Tell us about yourself.

What makes you tick? How does the essence of who you are as a person play into who you are as a business person? Tell us how one of your real world interests relates to your business.

A personal example: I love coffee. A simple light roast, black coffee will do. Love the flavor. I’ve written before about keeping your simplest products visible. Not everyone’s looking for a drink with a name that’s six words long.

How does your background relate?

When you’re busy trying to distinguish yourself from hundreds of other businesses in your area, trust me, it matters. There’s something about your background that makes you different from others’. It’s up to you to find out what it is.

For instance, copywriters are a dime a dozen. A copywriter with a journalistic background can find ways to tell your story.

Pick up the scissors, and cut off the tie.

Formal and professional are not the same thing. You can wear blue jeans and still know what you’re talking about. If formal is not a true reflection of your business, don’t turn into something you’re not.

Give us good info, but give it in a way that is a reflection of who you are.

We’re more likely to act if we like you.

We can’t make any decision on your likability if we don’t know who you are. So go ahead and put your cards on the table.

The Internet Is Watered Down

There are so many businesses out there, it’s too easy to get lost in the shuffle. You need to stand out to be noticed. This doesn’t happen through imitation. It’s time to just be yourself.





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