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Do you remember when you joined Facebook? What was it like when you put in your details and joined the world’s biggest social network?9 Reasons Why Facebook Needs the I Don't Care Button - Infographic

When those friends, family and old college acquaintances came up on your screen and you were invited to connect with them after years and maybe decades of no contact. Many looked the same, others looked a bit older and some I couldn’t recognize.

For me it was a bit of a “Wow”moment. Global connection in an instant in full living color.

The network touched us, connected us and provided glimpses into lives forgotten but still lived. It allowed us to share photos, videos and stories of our adventures. Some glimpses into others lives are exciting, others intriguing and some just border on the mundane.

Engaging with your friends online from your news feed can be done in a variety of ways from placing a comment, sharing the update  or just hitting “like” if we don’t have much time.

But we are still working out the ways to play.

Does the “Like” button need an alternative?

The ever present “like” button seems to have been with us forever. In fact it has only been with us for just over four years on personal pages and replaced the “become a fan” button on brand pages in June, 2010.

We have all seen those updates from friends where we silently say “I didn’t want to know that!” Other reactions are sometimes “too much information” and sometimes you feel like saying “I don’t care“.

Maybe we need buttons like “funny” when you see an update like this.

I am proud of myself. I finished the puzzle in just 6 months while the box said 2 to 4 years“.

9 Updates Deserving the “I Don’t Care” Button

Here is a fun look at 9 types of  updates that don’t need a like button.

Do we need a Facebook I don't care button

Infographic source: By www.themaplekind.com  – where you can waste a lot of time and also have a chuckle.

What About You?

Do you often see updates that needed something stronger than the “like” button?

What is the best Facebook update you have seen?

Look forward to your comments.

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