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The July 2014 Realtor Confidence Index shows that Realtors aren’t enthusiastic about current conditions and the outlook for the next six months.

Concerns about federal regulations burdening the process, the drop in demand for middle and lower-cost homes, and rising affordability problems headlined their concerns.

Realtors reported some uptick in inventory in some areas, but generally, supply remained tight relative to demand in many areas, especially for “lower” and “middle-priced” homes, according to the July survey conducted by the National Association of Realtors.

Distressed sales continued to account for a smaller share of the market.

Realtors continued to report about the restrictive effects of the current credit conditions, especially in relation to the credit score and down payment requirements that will qualify buyers for a mortgage.

The home buying process was reported to be “long and difficult” even for “quality borrowers”.

Although the home price recovery has encouraged more listings, the strong price growth amid modest wage income gains has also made homes less affordable, creating a demand for lower-priced homes that are, unfortunately, in short supply.


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