‘Harmonious,’ Mystical Mansion in Pennsylvania Wants $10M | #CrossRiver Real Estate


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Location: Clarks Summit, Penn.
Price: $9,995,000
The Skinny: To take the rapturous brokerbabble for this home at face-value would be to believe that this mansion is no less than a nexus of mysteries, a magical place where the mystical traditions of the world’s cultures collide in a supernova of positive vibes and quasi-religious transport rarely seen outside of a William Blake poem or a freshman English major’s well-thumbed composition book o’ poems. Maybe upon entering the place it really does feel like you’re “embarking on a journey,” “floating on a cloud,” or discovering “little pieces of heaven everywhere,” but this kind of runaway prose feels more like copy for a Marin County Reiki retreat than a description of a house, no matter how many statues of Buddha it possesses. The $9.995M manse has plenty of space for exploring your inner space, with 16,000 square feet of “harmonious environment,” including a meditation room, a spa “carved basically out of the earth” and, incongruously, an offer of a $50k bonus to the broker who brings in an accepted offer. Namaste!


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