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Scarsdale Village officials notified residents Friday that Con Edison reported a power outage Thursday night and more blackouts are possible.

“The Con Ed sub-station located off Tompkins Road near the Public Safety Building, is not functioning as designed and is causing periodic outages in the north end of Fox Meadow and the Greenacres neighborhoods as well as a portion of White Plains (800-900 customers),” John D. Goodwin of the village manager’s office said in an email to residents. “The sub-station is designed to operate so that if a main feeder line is lost the sub-station trips to an alternate line or back-up line.  The problem is that when the feeder line is lost due to the current excessive heat issues, the sub-station is “over-tripping” breaking the whole system down resulting in power loss to the resident.”

Goodwin said the system has been fixing itself over a two to four hour time period, though the problem is re-occurring.

“Con Edison engineers are working on a permanent solution. In the meantime, Con Ed has made some temporary changes to the sub-station to prevent over-tripping and, as a back-up, has a generator in the area in case the sub-station fails again prior to a permanent solution,” he said.



Power Outages Hitting White Plains, More Possible | The White Plains Daily Voice.

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