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With all the hullabaloo surrounding social media, business blogging is not getting the attention it rightfully deserves. There are so many benefits of maintaining an effective company blog, and companies who do not risk business-blogging-inbound-marketingmissing out on opportunities for increased lead generation, more new business and amplified brand recognition—to name only a few. 

According to HubSpot, companies that maintain blogs attract 55% more website visitors, get 97% more inbound links and have 434% more indexed web pages than companies without blogs.  The more often a company blogs, the more traffic and leads it will be able to produce. Businesses that produce at least 20 blog posts per month generate over five times more traffic than those that produce less than four per month.  Additionally, companies that blog at least 20 times per month generate four times more leads than those without a blog. Clearly, high-quality business blogging has real value. Learn how to take your content marketing to the next level.

Who Should Blog?

Effective blogging requires dedication and a significant investment of time for brainstorming, research and the actual writing. CEOs who blog are rare; their hectic schedules and vast array of duties and responsibilities usually preclude them from engaging in content creation. So, the first hurdle is finding a content creator within your organization. This person should be passionate about your business, creative, committed and have serious skills as a writer and researcher. If you do not have such an individual within your company, you can always hire an inbound marketing agency to create the blog content for you.

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