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ImageTrue Life: I’m addicted to Tumblr. I developed an insatiable obsession after a friend told me to create a blog on the site. I had been a loyal user of Pinterest, but my friend suggested Tumblr was better. Needless to say, I succumbed to the peer pressure and joined to see what the hype was all about. I was instantly mesmerized by its flashy content and user-friendly interface. Now, I’ve been on Tumblr for almost a year and I’ve earned 3,432 followers.

But since I began working for a social media marketing firm, it got me thinking. Why aren’t marketers flocking to Tumblr? Tumblr has over 85.8 million users, and receives 17,970,132,992 monthly page views. Why would marketers neglect a blossoming social network with such a versatile interface?

Here are four reasons to revise your business’s social media marketing strategy to include Tumblr:

  • The beauty of Tumblr is that users control what they want to see. You follow people with similar interests and promote your blog with tags to ensure you get the type of followers that can relate and enjoy your blog. So the things you view on your Dashboard should be the things you want to see. Some marketers are concerned that Tumblr harbors explicit material, but in reality, all social networks are subject to explicit material even if it’s prohibited. If you don’t want to follow blogs that post explicit material, then don’t. It’s that simple.
  • Tumblr is all about engaging people. It’s not just pictures. You can post text, links, videos and even audio to your followers. You can tag each post with as many keywords as you want, so users who search those keywords on Tumblr will see your post on their Dashboard. There are plenty of ways for your company to engage followers on Tumblr. If your company can’t work with any of these options, then it really needs to work on more of a creative marketing strategy.
  • You can easily promote original content. Tumblr gives you the option of listing a link to a source with each post you upload. You can also post a click-through link, so when someone sees your post reblogged on another site, they can click it and go to another website. For example: Say you own a surfboard company and you upload a picture of your new board model. You can put your Tumblr page URL as the source, so when people see the photo, they know who it belongs to. You could also add the click through link as a link to your website. This has potential to increase your website traffic.
  • Blogs can be customized and personalized. Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest leave graphic designers and website engineers at a loss. With Tumblr, you can personalize your blog and create your own layout, similar to the old Myspace pages and even WordPress. You can model your Tumblr page to be more like your website to attract more followers. You can also post ads on your blog! Speaking from experience, Tumblr users will follow you more often when you have a sleek page.

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