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Just how high will gas prices go? Nobody really knows, but lots of people are understandably worried. Fortunately, there now are dozens and dozens of vehicles that use new (and old) technologies to deliver better fuel economy and produce less emissions. Whether gasoline-only, gasoline-electric hybrid, all-electric or clean diesel, there’s a richer range of “green” car choices than ever before.


These vehicles are efficient, comfortable and fun to drive. Whether now or months from now, if you’re considering a new car or a slightly used vehicle, you’ll find this special issue to be an invaluable resource — from the expert answers to common questions to the buyer’s guide that features 54 models rated at 35 mpg or better in city or highway driving.

The sheer number of cars in our buyer’s guide is evidence that America’s transition to greener transportation is well underway. We will weather the storm of unstable and rising gas prices, but the transition won’t be painless. One way or another, we are going to have to pay more for our transportation, at least for a while. We can continue to drive low-mpg cars and pay at the pump, or we can pay more upfront (in some cases) for fuel-efficient vehicles and save more (fiscally and environmentally) over the long haul

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