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Secrets of the Staging Pros

We asked staging experts to reveal some of their favorite tools, accessories, and strategies when home staging.

Inspired by Nature

Barb Schwarz, credited with being the creator of home staging and CEO of www.Stagedhomes.com, says one of her favorite staging tools is pulling from the natural elements of nature. For example, Schwarz says she’ll creatively use “twigs, branches, seashells, green cuttings from the outdoors, orchids, real trees as possible, hand woven baskets, cotton, linen, burlap fabrics, real leather, and earthy colors as well. You cannot lose when using the colors of nature. This creates a comfortable, natural look and setting in any home for sale.”

Easy-to-Move Furniture

Stager Charlene Storozuk, owner of Dezigner Digz, says a must-have tool for staging properties is furniture sliders. “I have two sets: one with felt backing for moving furniture across wood and tile flooring and another set with plastic backing for broadloom,” Storozuk says. “All I have to do is lift the corners of each piece of furniture, one at a time, and slip a slider underneath. Once all four corners have a slider in place, I can easily move the furniture around on my own. Not only do the sliders save me from throwing my back out, they also save the home owner some money since I don’t have to pay an assistant to help me move furniture.”

Information at Your Fingertips

Ashley Whittenberger, owner and principal of Interiority Complex LLC, says her iPhone is a must-have tool for staging. “I can access real estate comps, easily share my database of preferred vendors who can help my clients get their home into tip-top shape, take pictures of the property for my records, share sample photos of items I might suggest to purchase, and of course, access the Real Estate Staging Association’s Home Staging Savings Calculator,” Whittenberger says.

Evoking Buyers’ Senses

Susan Tokarz-Krauss with Real Estate Designed to Sell in Grants Pass, Ore., says creativity goes a long way in staging properties. “Whether I lightly stage, redesign, or do a full staging of a vacant home, it’s very important to engage the buyer’s senses,” Tokarz-Krauss says. ”I use lighting — on timers — to set the mood and provide security. I use ‘soft’ scents such as vanilla to create that special ambiance, and I play light jazz or seasonal music in the home. Colorful pillows and accents make the room ‘pop,’ but the scents, music, and overall ambiance is what helps potential buyers personally engage with the home.”

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