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  • Video Preview: Fox Lane Player’s ‘The Boyfriend’ Opens Friday

This spoof on 1920s musicals offers family entertainment.


The Fox Lane Players will open the curtains tonight on their performance of The Boyfriend, a romantic song and dance show that spoofs 1920’s musical comedies, according to Ed Steele, the school’s theatre director.

The play tells the story of Polly, an English heiress attending a finishing school in the French Riviera. She falls in love with Tony, a delivery boy. Polly poses as a working girl, unaware that Tony is in fact the missing son of the wealthy Lord Brockhurst.

The plot thickens but not to worry—it’s a happy ending, according to the cast and crew who were polishing up the show at the first dress rehearsal Wednesday night.

The run-through hit a few snags—a wig fallen off during a dance number, a pair of trousers dropped to the ground—but the show went on and the cast created many memorable moments.

Its catchy tunes, including “Won’t You Charleston With Me,” and “The Boyfriend,” plus several show-stopping dance numbers make this a show that should appeal to audiences of all ages, said Steele.

Check out the video for a preview of the show, and a glimpse into the camraderie and spirit that infuses the Fox Lane Players.

The show will be performed from March 18 – 20 in the Mary Lou Meese Theater on the Fox Lane Campus. For more ticket information please call (914) 864-3499.

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