VerticalResponse Email Marketing Blog for Small Business: How To Extend The Life of Your Email Campaign

You spend a lot of time creating aScreen shot 2011-03-15 at 11.04.35 AM

great looking, information-filled email marketing campaign. You send it out to your recipients and within 48 hours you see your response rates start to slow down. That's natural, email response happens so fast that's why we love it! But there are ways you can extend the life of your email campaign so that work you put into it gets even more views and potentially more response!

Create a Hosted Version

Sometimes your recipients won't be able to view your email in their email reader. Why? Some email readers strip out the images you've included, some only allow for certain sizes of emails to be viewed, and some people are reading your email on a mobile phone which always has its challenges.

The easy answer to this? A hosted version of your email marketing campaign. Make sure that any Email Service Provider (ESP) you use offers a "hosted version" option of your email campaign. This is simply the email you've created hosted on a web page. Your ESP should offer an easy way to insert a link that has been automagically created anywhere in your email.

Share on Facebook

Now that you have your hosted version of your email campaign, you can post the link of the email to your Facebook page. This will get your email in front of different viewers that may not be on your email list and it's an opportunity to try to get someone ON your email list.

Share on Twitter

It's no secret that there might be some ovScreen shot 2011-03-15 at 11.09.13 AM

erlap of your email lists and your Twitter followers,  but what about those who aren't on your email list? You can Tweet the subject line of your email to your Twitter followers and include a link to the hosted version. This way your up-to-the-minute followers know about the news and new deals you might have.

Create an Email Archive

You can use the hosted versions of all of your email campaigns and create your very own email newsletter archive. Simply take all of the links of your hosted emails and put them on a page on your website. You might want to name each campaign with your subject line and the date that you sent it. Then you can include the email archive link on the footer of your website and in all of your email marketing campaigns in case someone missed one!

Ask them to Opt In

In all of your email marketing campaigns you should include a link asking people to opt in to receiving these newsletters. "But Janine, if I'm sending my campaigns TO my customers why would I do that?" Great question! Three reasons; 1) your recipients may forward your email to their friends via email, 2) your recipients might share your email with THEIR social networks, and 3) when new viewers visit to the hosted version, there is an opportunity for them to sign up.

So there you have it. Are you extending the life of your email campaigns and if fo how?

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