VerticalResponse Email Marketing Blog for Small Business: 11 Small Words that Crowd Your Copy


11 Small Words that Crowd Your Copy



We talk about copywriting at VR because it’s integral to any marketing. Whether you’re writing an email, website copy, online ad, Twitter Tweet, Facebook post, or blog post, you’re communicating to your audience with words, and therefore copywriting.

There are small words that make a big impact on your copy – and not always a positive one. In my recent blog post, Who Else Wants to Write Better Copy, I discussed cutting clutter and improving copy. And the quickest way is by removing any unnecessary words such as “that” or “to.” Well, here are additional small offenders that crowd your copy – try removing them whenever you can:

  1. Some: We have some great products vs. We have great products
  2. Great: We have great products to chose from vs. We have products to chose from
  3. Many: We have many products vs. We have products 
  4. Even: They even grew their ROI 20% vs. They grew their ROI 20%
  5. Right: Many business are making the switch right now vs. Many businesses are making the switch now
  6. Such: It makes such a difference vs. It makes a difference
  7. Quite: It’s been quite a hard choice vs. It’s been a hard choice
  8. Only: It only takes a minute vs. It takes a minute
  9. Got: We have got choices vs. We have choices
  10. The: Improving the copy vs. Improving copy
  11. Really: They really get the job done vs. They get the job done

These words might be small, but taking them out can make a big impact. Start cutting your copywriting clutter today! Are there additional words you can think of removing from your copy? I’d love to hear your thoughts and ideas.



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