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Bedford police are investigating two burglaries that occurred Wednesday afternoon in Katonah which may be related crimes.

At approximately 3 p.m., a neighbor went to pick up the mail at a residence located at the corner of Goldens Bridge Road and Edgewood Road. The neighbor noticed that the kitchen door was open and damaged. The neighbor also noticed a dark colored sedan—with tinted windows, a missing right front hubcap and damage to the right front fender—parked in front of the house.

As the neighbor was contacting police, he noticed a white male get into the car and drive away.

As the investigation began on Edgewood Road, a second call came into the police department from a Garlen Road resident, who said she found an open window adjacent to her front door; she also reported a missing laptop and a watch. Police officers are still taking inventory of all of the property stolen.

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