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5 Unfollow Tools to Keep Your Twitter Account Spam Free

Twitter is a fun social network where you can follow people, make fans or friends. It is hard to keep count of the following or followers and at one point it becomes hard to keep up with everyone. Moreover, spammers add salt to the wounds by posting their junk and spammy tweets promoting their beloved sites. Not only do they spam our feeds, they make our inbox go frenzy as well. That’s why we should unfollow people regularly in order to keep our Twitter account spam free.

Unfollowing can be done manually in the twitter website but it is a time consuming and less effective way. Nowadays, there are many web based unfollow tools that can be used to distinguish the people responsible for your bad twitter experience and mass unfollow them. Here are 5 great tools that would aid you to keep your twitter account spam-free.


ManageFlitter is arguably one of the best free twitter unfollow tools out in the web. It has a wide set of features, that helps the twitter users manage and organize their twitter accounts more efficiently. ManageFlitter usually categorizes your followers list and let you decide the persons to unfollow. It has super easy interface and the tool is completely free.

Friend or Follow

Friend or Follow is a good twitter management and unfollow tool too. It categorizes your followers list based on the way of their following. For example, they categorize them in 3 categories, following, fans, and friends. Friend or Follow provides with a wonderful sleek web interface. The best thing about this tool is that there is no need for creating an account. You can login to the service by using your username alone.


SocialToo is one of the best paid twitter unfollow tools. The best thing about this tool is the e-mail service they provide. If you pay a measly $20 onetime fee, they will send you an e-mail daily with the list of followers and unfollowers of that particular day. This is extremely helpful for distinguishing the users that follow people, send message and unfollow them. SocialToo provides another unique feature, The DM Spam Control. It helps the twitter users have a clean inbox by finding the spammy followers that flood the inbox and automatically unfollowing them.

The Twit Cleaner

The Twit Cleaner is a wonderful unfollow tool for twitter. It helps you differentiate people by categorizing them in different categories. For example, the dodgy, absent, repetitive, flooding, and non-responsive people. The categories are divided into several sub-categories as well. You can easily unfollow the unwanted people by following these categories. The service is free for accounts with up to 2000 followers.

UnTweeps is a simple yet trendy web based unfollow tool for twitter. You can sort people based on their inactivity within a certain time span. This is a good method for filtering the useless profiles and unfollow them.

With these amazing tools, you can unfollow the unwanted people and maintain a spam free twitter account.

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