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North Castle’s recovery effort continues in full force today. Crews are working in all parts of our community.  Be aware there may be periodic road closures as we work towards recovery. 



Following is a list of some  of the roads being worked on today:

Byram Lake Road/Oregon Road

Whippoorwill Rd/Whippoorwill Crossing

Hickory Kingdom Rd.

Creemer Rd.

Old Orchard St.

School St., Cox Ave, Rte.22

High St.

Middle Patent Rd.

Nannyhagen Rd.


Multiple streets in Windmill farms and North White Plains are being worked on as well. This list is not complete, and crews are constantly being redeployed on an as-needed basis.   We have been fortunate to have secured more resources than we did for the last storm.  However, the damage has in many instances been more severe.



Currently 85% of our community is still without power.  Once all trees are removed from wires we expect the restoration and regeneration of the power lines to begin. By the end of today I should have a better picture on where we stand.



Con Ed has informed us they intend to move Dry Ice distribution to the County Center in White Plains. Hours of operation are today 11/3 from 12:00PM to 6:00PM.



We have have worked out the details to provide residents who are without heat and power some expanded food options tonight. Please come by the Rec Center tonight if you are interested. 


In addition, my colleagues on the Town Board have graciously volunteered to host a spaghetti dinner tomorrow night.  More information on that will come out tomorrow afternoon. 



Finally, I’ve opened a Twitter account as an additional means to keep residents informed of developments on a “real time” basis.  If you wish to sign up to follow me, my Twitter account is @northcastleny.

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