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If you’re at all like me, you have trouble keeping up with everything on the web. Between tweets, status updates, blog posts, and all of the other information available, there’s just not enough time to read and absorb everything.

Last year, Christopher S. Penn wrote about summary newsletters. Because it’s difficult to keep up with all of the content out there, Chris suggested that marketers create “a summary of the content you’ve created lately, especially if you’re creating content across different channels, platforms, and media types.” His reasoning was that not everyone participates in every media channel, not everyone consumes on the same schedule, and not everyone has equal access.

I immediately applied this advice to the Blue Sky Factory blog, knowing that our readers are likely not able to catch every single post. So, below are the most-read articles from the Blue Sky Factory blog in 2011 (so far); other marketers have found them to be valuable, so hopefully you will, too!

  1. 5 Things All Email Marketers Need to Know. While all email marketing programs are different, there are 5 things that every email marketer needs to know. Topics include list building practices, key metrics, and how to get more emails delivered. Take a look and let us know if you have any to add.
  2. 2011: Email Marketing is Dead. Is email really a marketing tool? In this post, Mr. Penn talks about aligning your email practices with sales rather than marketing: “What would happen if you applied proven sales techniques and practices to your email? What if you did conversion rate optimization, sales copywriting, powerful closing techniques, and all the things that great sales people do in your email?”
  3. When is the Best Time to Send Email? This is one of the most coveted questions of email marketers. In this post, Mr. Penn gives a recipe that tells you when your subscribers want to hear from you most. The best part is that it’s easy to follow. Trust me; we recently implemented this practice for Blue Sky Factory’s own email marketing campaigns, and the result has been higher open, click, and share rates!
  4. Integrating Facebook and Email Marketing. Ah, the power of integrating email marketing and social media; let me count the ways. By now, you likely know the benefits of integrating these channels, so take it one step further with Mr. Penn’s step-by-step instructions. He walks you through the most updated ways to integrate your Facebook and email marketing efforts. Go on, take that extra step to drive more sales, get more brand awareness, and generate more audience.
  5. How to Choose an Email Subject Line for Maximum Deliverability. When it comes to determining the most effective subject line for your campaigns, we often tell email marketers to test, test, and test. But, how do you know what subject lines to test? This post walks you through using two tools that will help you create and pick the best subject lines for testing: Google’s Adwords Keyword Tool and Google’s Wonder Wheel.

Make it a goal to implement at least one of these tips in April, and be sure to let us know how it has worked for you. It’s all about getting more out of your email campaigns: more opens, clicks, audience, and conversions. These articles will hopefully help you grow your email marketing program, resulting in more clients for your business!

Amy Garland
Marketing Manager, Blue Sky Factory

Flickr Photo Credit: laughlin

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