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So comScore was late this month with their Video Metrix numbers. They once told me that they only put out one press release a day so as “not to confuse the journalists,” which I found sort of offensive. I also find the way they track videos sort of offensive as well because I think it’s misleading. But in regards to video advertising networks, I think they do mostly OK. So here is this month’s list of the top 5 video advertising networks based on their numbers and my own personal algorithm.

First off, let’s chat about the actual comScore numbers. There were around 9.4 billion video ads, slightly lower than previous monthly. But there’s an addition the the Billion VidAd Club – Liverail who now seems to be included in the comScore numbers. That makes five members of the club; Google, Brightroll, Hulu, Liverail and Well done all around. Those 9.4B ads accounted for 3.377B minutes for 51% of the US population.

A large portion of those minutes came from Brightroll, followed by LIVERAIL and Here’s the chart.

Top U.S. Online Video Ad Properties Ranked by Video Ads* Viewed: September 2012
Total U.S. – Home and Work LocationsAd Videos Only (Content Videos Not Included)
PropertyVideo Ads (000)Total Ad Minutes (MM)Frequency (Ads per Viewer)% Reach Total U.S. Population
Total Internet : Total Audience 9,436,1583,37760.251.0
Google Sites1,760,63614219.629.2
BrightRoll Video Network**1,354,35468110.243.2
Specific Media**787,0253266.837.7
Tremor Video**758,56136011.820.9
Auditude, Inc.**744,08219013.118.5
TubeMogul Video Ad Platform**539,3152447.423.8
SpotXchange Video Ad Marketplace†528,2852879.518.0

*Video ads include streaming-video advertising only and do not include other types of video monetization, such as overlays, branded players, matching banner ads, etc.
**Indicates video ad network
†Indicates video ad exchange

Top 5 Video Advertising Network Recommendations

As always I like to put my own spin on the top five and give you a list of where I think you might want to look in order to place your video advertising campaigns. Granted, a single solution isn’t always the best solution but if you’re just starting out I look at the major factors like reach, frequency and network size.

All of those factors are input into my algorithm and then spit out as a score to give me a top 5 list.

#1) Cream of the Crop: Brightroll

With almost twice the ads, more reach and a frequency of just 3 more than second place, Brightroll takes the top spot this month. They’re pretty massive these days showing 1.35 billion video ads to an astounding 43.2% of the total US population. Boom! Since video ads reached 51% this month, it means that Brightroll ads are seen by four out of five online video viewers and four out of ten Americans. If you want your ads to be seen, they go to Brightroll.

#2) Standing Strong: Specific Media

Extremely close to the heels of BR is Specific who has shown good reach but wavers now and again in the number of videos shown. They seem to have evened out and are growing that number over the past couple months and that’s kept them in second. Plus, they have an industry-dominating frequency of 6.8 and a great reach of 37.7. Now might be a great time to get your ads there as it could help them grow.

#3) Steady as She Goes: Adap.TV

Maintaining their third place stance is Adap.TV who show a good frequency at 12.2, a good reach with 31.3 and over 1.1 billion ads served. A major shift in either of those first two numbers might see them in second place. Plus, three-in-ten Americans will see an add from them each month.

#4) NewBoom! LIVERAIL

You might know LiveRail, and you might not. But you certainly should now. New to the list this month they popped straight to fourth place. On offer? Real-time bidding on a private exchange, pre-built HTML5, iOS and Android SDKs and more. Reach is 30.6%, frequency is just 12.3 and they crossed 1.1 billion ads. This is now the new dark horse. Keep an eye on them folks, and ponder placing your ads there.

5) The Old Stalwart: Google

They come and go from the top five here and even though they lost a little reach this month, they also dropped their frequency a little and, of course, served up more ads than anyone else. So for that, they get fifth place this month instead of an ‘also ran.’ You know them, you love them or hate them, or vacillate between those two emotions, but they’re not going anywhere anytime soon. So, you’ve got to deal with them one way or another.

The Rest of the Pack

Tubemogul didn’t make the top five this month even though they had an astounding 7.4 frequency (second best). It’s partly because of their lower reach and ad numbers. Something happened there and they didn’t show nearly as many ads as they had been, nearly 400 million less.

NOTE: Zeros on the charts below means the video ad network was not included in the comScore Video Metrix that month.

The Video Ad Freq!

freq sept12 Top 5 Video Advertising Network Recommendations October 2012
Shame on Hulu!

Video Ad Reach!

reach sept12 Top 5 Video Advertising Network Recommendations October 2012
Well done BrightRoll!

Video Ads Streamed

vidad sept12 Top 5 Video Advertising Network Recommendations October 2012

Google stands strong, Brightroll not far behind.

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